SILWAN SECURITY SYSTEMS LLC is one of SILWAN Group of companies, which was established in 2002 to provide High tech infrastructure services specially focused on user
oriented convenience services in construction, industrial, governmental, educational and communities sector.

Since this time SILWAN Group has succeed in
many fields like Security. ELV, Smart homes ,
IT , Structure Cabling and Lighting Control Systems. We continually advance our technologies to offer complete solutions from installation and monitoring through to physical intervention on site. No matter how simple or complex your security requirement.
Aside from the integration of engineering
services and technology, we also have the
ability divert man-power and equipment from
one Division to the other to cater to each
project and every location’s requirements.
Our unwavering commitment to quality,
professionalism and excellence enables us to
uphold our position as an industry leader.


By capitalizing on our Expertise and our
History, we are investing to grow organically
and inorganically in order to become global
market leaders, providing engineering
excellence to clients while achieving opti-mum
shareholder value, through commitment in
delivering best practices in corporate
governance and transparency.


We safely aeliver world-class projects,
providing integrated design and engineering in
ELV, Security, Safety, Automation, Smart
Building, Smart Homes. ICT and Energy
Management Systems through our value
system People, Innovation and Passion – while
promoting environmental protection and
sustainable communities’ development.


We are proud to be a company that is driven by vision and fueled by our passion. The cores of
our success are our people, and in recognition of their contribution, we restructured our corporate
Values, to reflect our reinforced commitment to them. The three values at the heart of our
business are:

We recognize that our people are the heart of our organization. We strive to provide on environment that attracts, motivates, and develops individuols, and while encouraging cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in the company. We create and implement a succession/ career progression plan-ning program that clearly articulates corporate expectations while charting a course for employee development.

We believe that great success requires heart and dedication. We embrace and foster passion in every aspect of our business from Innovation and learning, to management and client satisfaction, to employee and skills development, because we believe that when you are passionate about something you have more energy, work much harder, and get more creative  

We encourage innovation to cultivate originality and pursue new ideas and technologies, while introducing the right processes and models to put them to work safely, quickly and efficiently, in order to continuously improve the standards and the diversity of our services for the common benefit of all